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For disc springs the following 2 standards are applicable: ○ DIN 2092 Disc Springs, calculation and. ○ DIN 2093 Disc Springs, dimensions.

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Information about this ratio can be found in the dimension tables, We can provide diagrams for each and dimension on requ¥t. o 1.0 Deflection cot. INDIA DISC SPRING SF-TAF, Diameter tolerances DIN 2093 Tolerance mm 0/+012 o,' o,' 0/ 0/ o/ Concentricity tolerances Tolera and Di mm >6-10 > 18-30 >30-so *0-120 >120-180 Tolerance De mm 01021

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Fabory > 4 Washers & Retaining rings > DIN 2093 By Standards. By eClass 11.0. English Fabory. DIN 2093 - Disc springs. Fabory. 4 Washers & Retaining rings. Pin Board. CAD model selection Filter settings. Apply filter Remove filter CAD PDF. 3D. Dimension. 2D. Rendering

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DIN2093-1992.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free. Other relevant requirements 'Standards referred to Veriofangung t Merkbat 

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DIN 2093 disc spring washer specification, offering full range disc spring washer DIN 2093 standard Screws; Spring Plunger; Stud; Washers; Home » Standards » Retaining Ring » DIN 2093. DIN 2093. DIN 2093 - Disc Spring. Dimensionn of DIN 2093 as below: D1: D: T: H: 6: 3.2: 0.3


2017. 1. 1. · Standards Referencing This Book. EN ISO 26909 : 2010. SPRINGS - VOCABULARY. ISO 26909:2009. Springs Vocabulary. ISO 2162-1:1993. Technical product documentation Springs Part 1: Simplified representation. EN ISO 2162-1 : 1996. TECHNICAL PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION - SPRINGS - SIMPLIFIED REPRESENTATION.

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Citation preview. DISC SPRINGS TO DIN 2093. SPIROL PRODUCT RANGE Outside Dia. De I OM II Thickness t. Deflection s in mm Force F in N Stress σ in N/mm2

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DISC SPRINGS TO DIN 2093 Inside Dia. Di Outside Dia. De F Overall Height lo Cone Height ho Thickness t I II III IVOM Test Height lt STANDARD MATERIALS “t 

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Standards PDF Cover Page preview. Historical. DIN 2093:2006. Disc springs - Quality specifications - Dimensions (Foreign Standard).

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classes stated in ISO 2093. DIN 50965 deviate slightly from the ISO 2093 standard because this standard state 4 µm as the tin layer thickness for copper and steel in environmental class 1. The standards make suggestions for tin layer thickness on copper, copper-alloy and/or steel components depending on the use environment which can be seen in