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The Milky Way is approximately 100,000 light-years across, or 600,000 trillion miles (950,000 trillion km). We do not know its exact age, but we 

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Earth is in the Milky Way, a spiral galaxy; its stars cluster in spiral arms that swirl around the galaxy's center.

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The Milky Way Project 2nd Data Release Paper is now available! A big THANK YOU to ALL of our amazing volunteers! Great work! Looks like this project is out 

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10/06/  · The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy, one of hundreds of billions in the observable universe. It's also our home. Like other galaxies, the Milky Way is an isolated collection of stars and other

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The Milky Way is itself on a collision course with our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. Even though it is the same age as the Milky Way, Hubble observations reveal that the stars in Andromeda's halo are much younger than those in the Milky Way. From this and other evidence, astronomers infer that Andromeda has already smashed into at

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Our Milky Way Galaxy is one of the most mysterious galaxies we observe. That's because we're studying it from inside its spiral disk, surrounded by its 

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In the simplest telling, it held that our Milky Way galaxy came together nearly 14 billion years ago when enormous clouds of gas and dust 

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01/07/  · Moon Phases. The moon rising while the Milky Way is visible. The worst possible time to view our galaxy is during the full moon. The bright moonlight will gobble up the already faint view of the Milky Way. Instead, plan your adventure when there is no moon, which will ensure the galaxy’s core is visible. 5.

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