i ate a whole plate of food on my own hyperbole

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College students may gain weight during their freshman year for various reasons, such as a change in eating habits or a decrease in exercise 

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Examples of Hyperbole: What It Is and How to Use It

In truth, you wouldn't be able to eat a whole horse. But you use the phrase to show people you're extremely hungry. Hyperbole is used in literature, rhetoric 

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The adults never ate it, and for the kids it was strictly forbidden. She hardly touched her food, and pushed away her bowl of soup.

Figurative Language: Explanation and Examples

It includes the use of metaphors, similes, alliteration, anastrophe, euphemisms, hyperbole, idioms, onomatopoeia, personification, and pun.

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Hyperbole is a figure of speech you use when you want to exaggerate what you mean or emphasize a point. It comes from the Greek word to mean "excess" and is often used to make something sound much bigger, better, funnier, or more dramatic than it actually is. Hyperbole is a useful tool in language.

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He gestured to the plates told us to “cook those for three minutes, and cook those for five.” I have to cook the food? What, do I work here? Did I forget my 

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Example of Hyperbole Figures of Speech. Older than the hills. Her brain is the size of a pea. I have a million things to do today. I had a