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Once the correct position of the QD Sheave on the shaft is determined, tightening the set screw in the bushing head down on the key will hold.

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SINGLE GROOVE SHEAVES FOR “4L” OR “A” No. Keyseat. All stock sizes are furnished with hollow head setscrew and individually packaged. Set Screw at 90 to K eyseat. For 1 1/8” Bores and Larger: L= 1 17/32”, P =7/8”. AS15 AS17 AS20 AS21 AS22 AS23


Browning® branded belts and sheaves provide four times For complete catalog dimensions see eCatalog at

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Manufactured for high tolerance, Applied carries bushing type fixed diameter sheaves for replacement and new applications. Our bushing type sheaves are sourced from our network of trusted brands, featuring manufacturers like ContiTech, Dodge, Emerson and Martin Sprocket & Gear.

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Let Martin quote your made-to-order and large quantity requirements. F-2 Stock Timing Pulleys Illustrations below indicate pilot bore stock pulley 

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Martin has extensive inventories of both QD and TB style V-belt sheaves to run with 3V, 5V and 8V belts. Martin Hi-Cap® Wedge Stock Sheave, Solid Type A-1, TB 

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Martin Quality Power Transmission and Material Handling Solutions Bushing Bore V-Belt Pulley - 5V Belt Section, 2 Groove, 

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FHP Sheaves by Martin Sprockets inc. offer stable and dependable performance on light-duty applications with precision-machined grooves and static balancing. We supply FHP Sheaves in "AK" and "BK" profiles which accommodate varying belt sections. "AK" Sheaves are made to accommodate A section and 4L section belts.

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STANDARD Mounting Assembly FOR QD SHEAVES AND SPROCKETS 1. Be sure the tapered cone surfaces of the bushing and the inside of the driven product are clean and free of anti-seize lubricants. 2. Slide QD bushing on shaft, flange end first. Assemble key. 3. Position QD bushing on shaft.

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Dimensions for Martin sheaves are listed in the following tables with QD bushings in place. The type of sheave shown below is ind c at ebyl r, h osum w f gp . Section D-ELF-2015-1-32.qxp_Section D 5/5/15 3:02 PM Page D-3 If any stock product dimension or style in this catalog section is

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DEFINITION OF CATALOG NUMBERS EX: TB 20L100 TB — Requires Taper Bushing 20 — Number of Teeth L Dash 2 = Web Style— 3/8" Pitch (Light) Dash 3 = Arm/Spoke Style100 — Belt Width 1" EX:72L100SD 72 — Number of Teeth L — 3/8" Pitch (Light) 100 — Belt Width 1" SD — Requires QD Bushing EX: 16L100 Min . Plain Bore