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If you need something we do not feature on our website or would like a custom unit built, please contact us via the web or reach out via phone at 1-800-852-9984. FPI Sensors is well known for being able to make any type of multi-level custom float switch assembly you are looking for! Contact An Expert Today! Multi Level Float Switch Assemblies

Float Level Sensors

Float level sensors are continuous level sensors featuring a magnetic float that rises and falls as liquid levels change. The movement of the float creates 

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Float Level Switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid level.


Level switches, sensors, and indicators from KOBOLD provide reliable solutions for a variety of level processes. We offer solutions for a wide variety of variables and media, including media that may be contaminated. Some of our level technologies include: hydrostatic, differential pressure, ultrasonic, pneumatic, bypass, or float switches.

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Float level switches provide a low-cost solution for single-point monitoring of liquid level in industrial applications. Designed for shock and vibration 

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A float switch is a device used to sense the level of liquid within a tank, it may actuate a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or other device. Switching current (Max): 0.5A. Simple structure. 1 x Water Level Switch.

Single-Point Float Level Switches & Sensors

In most models, a float encircling a stationary stem is equipped with magnets. As the float rises or lowers, the magnetic field actuates a 

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FLOAT Float Type Level Switches Single Point GEMS Level Switches operate on a direct, simple principle. In most models, a float encircling a stationary stem is equipped with powerful, permanent magnets. As the float rises or lowers with liquid level, the magnetic field generated from within the float actuates a hermetically sealed,

Custom Float Switch for Multi-Level Switch Points

Multi-level float switches are ideal for monitoring multiple switch points, controlling pumps & valves, warning of high or low level alarms, indicating tank 

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Float liquid level switches can be designed to mount through the top, side or bottom of a tank. Side entry type float level switches have hinged floats, and top 

Float Switch - How They Work

A float switch detects the level of a liquid in a tank or container. It floats on top of the liquid surface and acts as a mechanical switch as the liquid level goes up or down. They control devices like pumps (pump water in or out), valves (open or close inlet/outlets), or alarms to notify users. They are cost-effective, reliable, and can be