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SRU-plus The rotary actuator with the largest, most comprehensive range on the market. 100% cycle increase. SRU-plus SWS The quick-change system for up to 90% faster, fully automatic component change for your robot. SWS TRIBOS The unique patented polygonal clamping technology - from micro to finest processing, up to heavy-duty and volume machining.

Zero point clamping system | ZeroClamp

The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system is the modern alternative to the conventional T-slot table: Drastically reduces the setup times and increases your machine capacity. Maximum user-friendliness Highest degree of accuracy Repeat accuracy of less than 2.5 μm. Simple logistics Just one type of clamping stud. The key benefit Thermal symmetry.

Zero Point Clamping System UNI lock - KIPP Inc

The UNI lock zero-point system is the classic stationary clamping system for converting workpieces, clamping devices or fixtures on 3-axis, 

DockLock Zero Point Hydraulic Clamping System - Kurt

The VB DockLock system is a patented, zero point clamping system for increasing productivity and reducing setup and changeover times. The VB DockLock zero point system integrates with new or existing devices, such as Kurt vises and workholding fixtures, and provides fast, ultra-accurate setup on machining centers.

Zero-point clamping system

Whether subplate, fixture, vice or workpiece, this system allows an exchange with a defined reference point in a matter of seconds and repeat accuracy of 

Zero-Point Clamping System (quick-change system) - Halder

The range of zero-point clamping systems included in our workholding systems selection encompasses such product groups as connecting elements, connecting rings, base plates, supporting plates, coverings and pressure amplifiers. These system parts are available from stock. The selection is divided into the categories of

Zero point clamping systems | STARK Spannsysteme

A zero point clamping system is a system that allows you to clamp parts with accuracy, speed, ease and flexibility using retractable nipples and 

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ROEMHELD Zero-Point Quick-Change Risers ROEMHELD MC-P 5-Axis Precision Vises ROEMHELD DropZero® Modular Zero-Point System Dovetail Clamping System CL5® Fixture Plates for Mounting on Quintus Riser Rotary-Table Subplates (630mm with 500mm Flats) CL5® Accessories Tiny Vise® Edge Clamps Pivoting Edge Clamp Quick-Change Carr Lock® Riser

Zero-Point Workholding Systems: A Creative Solution for Many

Zero-point systems provide the best solution to two of manufacturing’s toughest problems: repeatability of location from one fixture or workpiece blank to another, and quick transfer of work from one work area of the floor to another. The savings in setup time alone, not to mention the increased accuracy, adds up quickly.

Zero-Point Clamping System - Zimmer Group

The zero-point clamping system reduces errors during milling, rotating, wire or die eroding, flat or cylindrical grinding, drilling, lasering and measuring. The 

PDF) Zero-point fixture systems as a reconfiguration enabler

An interesting emerging trend in the fixture market is the so-called. zero-point fixture system (Fig. 1.), i.e., a clamping system that can