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dimensions: din 125a material: 140hv through hardened steel a b c online fastener group llc claims all proprietary rights to this drawing and the information it contains. this material is confidential. disclosure, reproduction, and manufacturing is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of online fastener group llc .


Washers are designed to perform various functions in particular applications; these may be locking, load spreading, protection, decorative, tension indicating, sealing, or a combination of all these roles. Washers are also crucial for preventing galvanic corrosion, mainly by insulating steel screws from other material surfaces.

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METRIC DIN 125A Flat Washers METRIC - STANDARD FLAT WASHERS, PERDIN 125A DIN 125A Nominal Size ID OD T Internal Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness Max Min Max Min Max Min 3 3.38 3.2 7 6.64 0.55 0.45 3.5 3.88 3.7 8 7.64 0.55 0.45 4 4.

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Flat washers without chamfer. BN 670. DIN 125 A (Standard withdrawn). ~ISO 7089. VSM 13904. ~UNI 6592 Product data sheet (PDF). Product variants 

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Hexalobular pan head thread forming screws ~Form C Head ~DIN 7985 1 BN 13916 | Case hardened, zinc plated, waxed PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Thread-Forming Screw DIN 7500 d 1 M2,5 M3 M4 M5 M6 d 2 max. 5 6 8 10 12 k max. 2,12 2,52 3,25 3,95 4,75 d 1 1 2 2 3 m ~ 2,6 3 4,3 5 6,7 t min. 1,27 1,68 1,9 2,64 3,02

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Form A, DIN 125 A, A2 stainless Stainless Steel Material Stainless steel (A2). Technical Notes To DIN 125 A. S0400.S2 d 2 d 1 h Order No. Thread d1 d2 h Material Finish S0400.020-S2-00 M 2 2,2 5 0,3 A2 s/s unfinished S0400.025-S2-00 M2,5 2,7 6 0,5 A2 s/s unfinished S0400.040-S2-00 M 4 4,3 9 0,8 A2 s/s unfinished S0400.050-S2-00 M 5 5,3 10 1,0

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DIN 125 PLAIN WASHER Catalogue Data Sheet K3D02

DIN 125 PLAIN WASHER. Catalogue Data Sheet K3D02. Quote the item code given below with your order/ inquiries: Dimensions in MM. Nominal Size. Bolt Size.

DIN 125A Metric Flat Washers, 200 HV Steel Zinc Plated Cr+3 RoHS

Description Zinc Plated Steel Flat washers. These are to DIN 125A / ISO 7089 specifications. Class 10.9 / Grade 8 with a 200 HV (hardness) rating and Cr+3 Zinc plating. Washer Size (Diameter) is the size of the screw that the washers is for (example: M8 washer for a M8 screw). Payment & Security Your payment information is processed securely.

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Busbar System 125A. The SMISSLINE TP pluggable socket system is completely fingersafe (IP2XB) - when devices are plugged in and unplugged, the system is always touch-proof. This means that SMISSLINE TP prevents any danger to personnel from switching arcs or accidental arcing. The SMISSLINE system offers unique possibilities in the area of

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