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7/5 · SAF 2507 ® bar steel is stocked in a large number of sizes. The standard size range for stock comprises 20-250 mm, see pocket card S-02909. Round bar is supplied in solution annealed and water quenched condition. The surface is peeled turned and

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SAF2507 is a super-duplex stainless steel for service in highly corrosive conditions, similar to Alloy 32750. As a super duplex stainless steel, the SAF 2507 combines the desirable

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Duplex 2507 Overview. Duplex 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel designed for applications which demand exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Alloy 2507 has 25% chromium,

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Tomaselli, Antonio Carlos, Valente, Andre, and Fausto Campos Camargo. "Super Duplex SAF 2507 as Alternative for Standard 316L in Hydraulic and Instrumentation Tu on Topside."

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This page cover the SAF 2507/SAF2507 Chemical element, Mechanical Properties, SAF2507 Datasheet, Cross Reference of SAF2507 Mainly used for . Chinese Français Deutsch Italiano Available 24/7 at [email protected] Search

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Super Duplex 2507 Products Super Duplex 2507 Pipes Sizes : 3/8 to 72 inch NPS. Length : Single Random (5-7 Meters). Wall Thickness : Sch 5/5S to Sch 160/XXS. Material : ASTM A312, ASTM B673 Type 904L (UNS N08904). Super Duplex 2507 Tu Sizes : 1/8 upto 6 inch.

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Physical Properties of steel grade SAF 2507 Heat Treatment of steel grade SAF 2507 Heat treated : 1498°C - 1462°C Technological Curves of steel grade SAF 2507 No Curve Cross Reference Table (Equivalent Grade) of SAF 2507

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Description SAF 2507® is a super-duplex (austenitic-ferritic) stainless steel for service in highly corrosive conditions. The grade is characterized by: Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in chloride-bearing environments Excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion High resistance to general corrosion

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In SAF™ 2507 the PRE value is equal in both phases, which has been achieved by a careful balance of the elements. The minimum PRE value for SAF™ 2507 seamless tubes is 42.5. This is significantly higher than e.g. the PRE values for other duplex stainless steels of the 25Cr type which are not super-duplex.

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The material was supplied with a PREN (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number) of 43, calculated using equation 1, which estimates the alloying elements influence such as Cr, Mo and N on corrosion resistance in Fe-Cr-Ni alloys. Table 2 shows the chemical composition of SAF 2507 superduplex stainless steel.

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steel SAF 2507™, which has a PRE (Pitting Resis-tance Equivalent) value of 42.5 due to its chemical composi-tion of 25% Cr, 4% Mo and 0.3% N compared to other steels (see Table 1). SAF 2507 is specially designed for highly corrosive conditions and chloride-bearing environments. Its high