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Counterbalance valves can be compared to elevator counterweights. A heavy elevator car is tough for a motor to start and stop on its own. Without a counterweight, raising or lowering the car is tough! The motor and drawworks have a hard time starting and controlling the load. Elevator Without Counterweight. Elevator With Counterweight.

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Counterbalance valves are also used to prevent a loaded cylinder from falling, but their operation is smoother than a pilot-operated check valve 

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If a load must be controlled while in motion, a counterbalance valve should be used. For this reason, counterbalances are often referred to as “motion control 

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Accept and Enable. Manage Preferences. Demonstration on how to properly set a counterbalance valve on a test stand. See all Videos.

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A counterbalance valve (also called a brake, holding and/or overcenter valve) is a normally closed-pressure control used to oppose the pressure created by a load. They are typically either internally piloted or internally and externally piloted.

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The proven counterbalance valve series ZNS in size NG06 (CETOP 03) and NG10 (CETOP 05) enables a reliable operation by controlling the actuator movement at overrunning loads. 20 Parts Viewing 10 of 20

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VBSO-SE05.41.01 - X - Y - Z. Single, standard configuration. Ports G 1/2 - G 3/4. Maximum operating pressure up to 3050 psi. Maximum flow 37 gpm. Data sheets. Additional Technical Data. Values in the US customary unit system are converted and rounded values. In case of doubt, only metric values are valid.


Counterbalance valves setting corresponds to the opening pressure of pressure relief section. This pressure determines the max load which counterbalance valve 


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Parker counterbalance valves are screw-in type cartridge valves that control the pressure at an actuator controlling its motion. Uses include controlling over-running loads in cylinders and

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Counterbalance valve 572149. Counterbalance valve 572149. More information. Datenblatt/Datasheet/Hoja de datos/Fiche de données DE/EN/ES/FR.