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Danfoss pressure switches are electromechanical controls and limiters, that control the pressure of air and liquids within a given pressure range. All contact systems in Danfoss regulating units incorporate a "snap-action" system that maintains the contact force until the moment of contact break.

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If you are looking for Danfoss USA Product Store and catalog - which enables you to purchase our products - then please select the USA Product Store button. Pressure Switch: Product family name: KP: Product group: Switches and thermostats: Product name: Pressure switch: Quantity per packing format: 36 pc: Regulation range: 6 inHg - 108 psig:

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KP pressure switches are for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to give protection against excessively low suction pressure or excessively high discharge pressure. The

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KP pressure controls are optimized for food retail refrigeration applications providing the excellent protection against low suction pressure or high discharge pressure. KP pressure switches

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Danfoss RT, Pressure switches, TÜV approved for steam plant Code no. Type Regul. range [bar] Pe Diff. [bar] Max. working pressure [bar] Pe Pressure conn. Contact function Reset 017-518166 RT19W 5,00 - 25,00 bar 1,20 bar 42,0 bar G 1/2 SPDT Auto 017-518266

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Danfoss Pressure Switches General Catalogue Pressure switch is an electromagnetic device that senses changes in pressure and provides electrical contact closures at predetermined pressure values. It is designed to open or close the contact depending on rising or falling application. Pressure Switch may be used to energize an alarm or may directly control the

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Danfoss pressure switches 017-523766 RT200 are used in general industrial and marine sectors. The 017-523766 RT200 Danfoss pressure switch series consist of a variety of ordinary controls including neutral zone pressure switches, safety pressure switches for steam boiler plant, and gold plated fail-safe controls for applications in which safety or economical consequences are critical factors.

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Danfoss pressure switch ranges have been produced for industrial applications for more than 50 years and today offers the widest range of any manufacturer. The pressure switch range includes components for general industrial use as well as specialised switches for demanding applications. - Pressure ranges 16 to 160 bar, 25 to 250 bar, 50 to 400

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Pressure Switch Danfoss KP35 ช่วงแรงดันควบคุม : -0.2/7.5 barDifferential : 0.7/4barทนแรงดันได้สูงสุด : 17.0 barข้อต่อ : เกลียวนอก 1/4 นิ้วสามารถนำมาใช