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Clean Energy Yorkshire Ltd installing a Solar Thermal system on a semi detached house in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. This system produces plenty of hot water

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Solar energy can be converted into heat to generate hot water for Kingspan Solar thermal domestic hot water system in a variety of situations.

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Solar domestic hot water system benefits The installation of a Kingspan Solar system is designed to supply up to 70% of free hot water throughout the year. In the summer months it is estimated that at least 95% of all hot water is free. Therefore the boiler will be switched off, which means less contamination of the

Kingspan Environmental Drafts Solar Thermal System For Syracuse U

Kingspan Environmental, a division of the global building products manufacturer Kingspan Group, commissioned a 240 solar-thermal-panel system to heat water in 20 Skytop apartment buildings on Syracuse University's South Campus in New York. The system is providing energy needed year-round to heat water for 20 buildings containing a total of 160 three-bedroom apartments.

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Rooftop Solar PV. Benefiting from over 50 years’ experience in building materials and energy efficiency, Kingspan Energy (our specialist rooftop solar PV solutions and financing division)

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Charging a closed loop solar water heating system with propylene glycol.How to Charge or Recharge Closed Loop Solar Hot Water System1 ) Determine the directi

Kingspan Solar - Solar Heating Systems

The Kingspan Solar Heating Systems, as certified in this Certificate, meet the requirements for workmanship. Part A - Structure contributing to energy use for domestic hot water heating.

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Kingspan Environmental Ltd supply a full package for each solar heating system installation, which includes the Collectors, tubes, cylinder, pump station, expansion vessel, connections, antifreeze, stainless steel pipework, sloping roof kit and control panel, user & installation manual and labelling packs.

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The installation is expected to contribute 6MWh to the Centre's hot water system each year, helping to avoid more than 1,600kg of CO2 emissions 

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Greenskies solar panels have been designed as a complement to existing heating systems, which use a store of hot water in a cylinder. The existing cylinder is 

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