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A chart to explain our skateboard bushing colors. Colors change to signify different derometers and urethane formulas.

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For bushings, the value of the durometer can range from 68A to 101A. The notions may still be vague in your head, but everything will be clearer by the next few lines. Now at least you know what a bushing is and what parameters to take into

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Want to get that cruiser, longboard or downhill set up perfect, You can start experimenting Venom Bushing bag of 10 comes in venom bushings chart 

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Riptide Skateboard Longboard Bushing Shape Info Guide Offer the lowest resistance and stability of the shapes addressed here and can allow your trucks to 

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Arrives by Fri, Sep 30 Buy Skateboard Bushing Replacement Cups Washers Longboard Rebuild at Walmart.com

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Heavier riders should consider 94A, kids need softer bushings, 85A to 90A should work for most kids under 12. Longboarders will have a harder time picking the right bushings. Cruisers require different bushings compared to downhill or free ride. Downhill requires bushings that provide a lot of stability and should be a bit stiffer.

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Through the use of boiling water, soap, and this guide, your longboard bushings will seem like they're brand new. Tools. Adjustable Wrench 

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To assist you select the best longboard bushings brand, we examined all the features and came up with a list of ten possible purchases.You can see some famous brands as Orangatang, Shorty's, Oldboy, Hairy Bushings, Dimebag, Dime Bag Hardware, DreamFire, ELOS, Tongina. For the best, we looked at the materials and designs, as well as the reviews

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Longboard Buying Guide: Bushings That said, we've based the following guide on setting up your reverse kingpin trucks for some longboarding awesomeness.

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Info Charts & Guides . Info Charts & Guides; Bushing Shapes Explained; Bushing Formulas Explained; FootStops Explained; Pivot Cups Explained; Weight Application Charts; APS Barrel Longboard Bushings are sold as a Pair with a sticker and No Washers are included. Bushing Height: 0.6" - Bushing Diameter: 0.98" The APS compound is very lively

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No matter what type of skating you do be Eskating, longboarding, or traditional skateboarding, I