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High-pressure pumps compress the fuel, which is fed to the engine cylinders through a high-pressure pipe inlet of the rail. The rail acts as a shared reservoir for all injectors. The fuel is

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FIGURE 6–2 Injection discharge from a common rail fuel system can include multiple injection events including pilot, post, and several main injection events. Injection pressure is higher and more consistent during the injection event than a cam and plunger fuel pressurization system.

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According to DENSO data's 1800-bar common rail system increases engine torque up to 35 percent, engine power up to 24 percent and low idle noise decreases 6.5 dB down on a 2.0-liter diesel engine, as compared with DENSO's conventional model. Figure 2.1, shows stages of the five staged multi injection system of Fiat.

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Also, modern common-rail diesel injectors can fire two or three times per engine cycle, doubling the we the injector compared to diesels of the past-hence 

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Common Rail Fuel Rail DensoToyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D Diesel 89458-20050 VAT 89458-20050 Incl. pressure sensor & Pressure control valve (DAMAGED PLUG SEE PICTURE) Dismantled from a new engine. AS A SPARE PARTS DISPENSER / HANDYMAN (JUST THE PLUG HAS TO BE GLUED AGAIN) Product type: diesel injection system Manufacturing Country And Region: Germany Manufacturer number: 89458-20050 Manufacturer

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COMMON RAIL FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM COMMON RAIL FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM. ;JL";L\U V[g0 VMJZ CM,L\U VMO VM8MDMAF., s 0Lh, f] ,[XG G\AZ : 15. Demand On Modern Diesel Engine Development . Low fuel consumption Low pollutant emissions

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In this article, we will see Multi Point Fuel Injection System (MPFI) working, use, advantages, disadvantages | pdf, ppt, seminar report on 


COMMON RAIL FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM COMMON RAIL FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM SUMMAR 1.The basic functional groups of the common rail are : low - pressure circuit , high - pressure circuit ECU and sensors. 2.In the low - pressure circuit, the fuel is cleaned by a filter and then transported to the high - pressure circuit


COMMON RAIL DIESEL SYSTEMS (CRDI) Emir Berk Canpolat. Common Rail is a fuel injection system used in diesel engines and basically works as synchronized injection via a common pipe. Compared to the conventional type of diesel injection systems, it is a superior system for fuel consumption, exhaust gas emission, operating system and noise reduction.

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FIGURE 4-2 A typical injector-pump-type automotive diesel fuel injection system. FIGURE 4-5 The common rail on a Cummins diesel engine.