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Smalltooth Cookiecutter Shark - The Australian Museum

The Smalltooth Cookiecutter Shark is named after the cookie-shaped wounds that it leaves on the bodies of larger animals. It attaches itself to its prey 

Ancient shark was a shell-crushing giant

When most people hear the word “shark” they think of razor-toothed hunters, but 89 million years ago there lived an immense, shell-crushing species that swam over what is now Kansas.

The Cookiecutter Shark | Sharks of Bermuda Triangle

How big is a cookie cutter shark?

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ZippyPaws - Bottle Crusherz, No Stuffing Dog Toy with

After a month and a half of hard use and occasional lay down and gnaw on it sessions the poor bottle shark is getting a few small holes so we just ordered 3 more bottle stuffing toys. With only some money on replacement squeakers these are easily the longest lasting squeaker toy options we've found. Eventually they might figure out how to pull

96" Crusher Shark (Ptychodus) Tooth - Kansas - FossilEra

This is a .96" tooth from a Crusher Shark (Ptychodus mortoni) a genus of shell-crushing sharks from the Late Cretaceous period. Its believed they grew to be about 4-5 meters long that

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Here are our top 10 prehistoric sharks

Sharks are one of the Earths most ancient creatures. Scaleless shark; Spiny shark; Eel shark; Crusher shark; Ginsu shark.

Cage Crusher | Hungry Shark Wiki | Fandom

Cage Crusher is a mission for the Big Daddy in Hungry Shark Evolution. In the entry to the Angler Nest. You must eat 30 Caged People in one game to complete this mission. This mission is probably Moderate Hard because Shark Cages are relatively common, although finding enough for 30 caged people can be a bit difficult. Simply swim along the top of the water, watching for

Ptychodus - Wikipedia

Ptychodus (from Greek: πτυχή ptyche 'fold' and Greek: ὀδούς odoús 'tooth') is a genus of extinct durophagous (shell-crushing) sharks from the Late Cretaceous. Fossils of Ptychodus teeth are found in many Late Cretaceous marine sediments. There are many species among the Ptychodus that have been uncovered on all the continents around the globe. Such species are Ptychodus mortoni, P. decurrens, P. marginalis, P. mammillaris, P. rugosus and P. latissimus to name a fe

Fossil Dinosaur-Age Shell Crusher Shark Tooth Cretaceous Kansas COA

Here is a genuine fossil tooth from a Ptychodus mortoni, a shell-crushing shark of the Cretaceous, about 83 million years ago, near the end of the Age of the Dinosaur. They grew to be about 14-15 feet in length.