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Metric 56 frame motor dimensions B3, B5, B14 IEC. TN56 Series dimensions B3, B5, and B14. Dimensions for TN56..B3 Frame motors from MT Electric S.r.l.

Flange mounted B14 (big flange) electric motor, 0,06 Kw up to 55 KW

Flange mounted B14 big (big flange with a middle ring), 4 Kw, 4 pole about 1400 rpm, IEC 112M HTM 120 / 180. Flange mounted B14 big (big flange with a middle ring), 4 Kw, 2 pole about 2800 rpm, IEC 112M HTM 120 / 180.

Whats is the difference between a C Flange and a B14 flange?

Mike I. (anonymous) Posted August 20, 0 Comments Please make sure the dimensions match up between the C-flange and the B14 sometimes the B14 flange can have 2 different dimensions under the same designation. For example, 63 frame IEC motor can have a B14 flange that is 90mm and 120mm. Admin Changed status to publish August 20,

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The flange-mounted motor in the /FL design is the design with flange dimensions that deviate from IEC/EN, with through bores or threads in the flange. It is similar to the IEC IM B5 or IM B14 basic flange design. The flange dimensions for 2-, 4- and 6-pole motors

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IEC QUICK REFERENCE CHART IEC Frame Type Foot Mounting Shaft B5 Flange B14 Face General A B C H D E LA M N P S T L AC AD HC XX 63 300 100 3.937 80 3.150 40 1.570 63

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20 Please note: prices are subject to change without notice “ THE METRIC MOTOR SPECIALISTS” B5 and B14 flange dimensions Frame Increase Reduction List “C” Flange B14

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Increased IEC Motor B14/1 C-Flange Elektrim IEC motors with increased C-Flange pre-installed are denoted by "MCM" in part number prefix, with "/1" suffix, ex: 20MCM-3-3-18P/1. view increased B34 IEC motors Made in Poland Learn more about the unique manufacturing history of genuine Elektrim Motors, proudly manufactured in Poland since 1919.

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Iec b14 flange - PowerPoint PPT Presentation LVP Series Stainless Steel Vane Pumps The LVP Series. is an industrial duty vane pump designed and built for the process industries, not an LPG pump adapted for industrial use


The IEC standard location is on the top of the motor, with optional left side mounting indicated as F1 or right- side location indicated as F2. Terminal boxes can generally be rotated 4x90 degrees and terminal posts ensure easy lead connection. CONNECTIONS: IEC rated motors typically use post- or stud-type terminal blocks, to connect

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IEC QUICK REFERENCE CHART IEC Foot Mounting Shaft B5 Flange B14 Face General FrameType ABCHDELA MNPSTMNPSTLACADHCXX 102 121 13 63 300 100 80 40 63 11 23 8 115 95 140 9375 60 90 M5 2.5 * 119 44.760 .500 3.937 3.150 1.570 2.480 .433 .906 .313 4.5283.740 5.512 .354 .118 2.9532.362 3.540 0.98 4.690 116d 136d 22d 4.567d 5.375d .880d 119 131 18

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High load as standard - possible load with high parameters. Double-reduction triple-reduction - versatile use of various gear ratios. Possible connection of standard IEC electric motors using B14 or B5 flanges - wide range of IEC electric motors at various price levels. Minimum and easy maintenance. Tags iec flange adapter