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Rodinal stand development: light fuse and get away Patented in 1891, Rodinal is one of the oldest film developers in the world. Formerly manufactured by now-defunct Agfa, it's still produced by Agfa's remnant company in Europe, Adox, under the name R09. Despite its impressive age this developer still has a lot going for it.

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In my experience with stand developing, anything after an hour is generally just wasting time. You are developing to chemical 

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Film Developer Dilution ASA/ISO 35mm 120 Sheet Temp Notes; Adox CHS 100: Rodinal: 1+50: 50: 9: 9: 9: 20C: Adox CHS 100: Rodinal: 1+25: 80: 5: 5: 5: 20C: Adox CHS 100

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The keys to Stand Developing are: 1. I'm more of an Ilford HP5 and Delta 400 guy but souping Tri-X in Rodinal really can recreate the 

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Several minute water bath. Rodinal 1:100 - disregard temperature unless extreme heat or cold. 1 minute of slow inversions, maybe 20 in 60 secs. Every 30 minutes swirl the tank, like you would a glass of wine, for 15 seconds. Do not invert! Total time - 120 minutes. 3 water baths then fix and rinse.

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Black and white 35mm developing the lazy way.

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HP5 in Rodinal 1+75 -- ISO 200 (20)C 16 min (24)C 10 1/4 min

The development times are given for negatives printed in condenser enlargers with normal average scene brightness on grades 2 and 3 paper. The data assumes processing in a spiral tank with agitation for the first 10 seconds of development and then for 10 seconds every

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Despite its long history, Rodinal still remains a very popular film developer thanks to its advantages: 1. High edge sharpness and low veil. Film negatives developed in Rodinal look much sharper than those developed in Kodak D-76. It is especially visible when zooming scanned images to 100%; 2.

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14/12/  · The method of development I will show you here, stand-development in Rodinal, is by far the slowest, but also the easiest, laziest and cheapest method of developing black and white film. Rodinal works well for me when I develop Kentmere 400 / RPX400, HP5+ or Acros, but I often have problems with Tri-X at box-speed. So, if you mainly shoot

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This is HP5 stand developed in the fridge for 1 hour, Rodinal 1+100 starting at 17 degrees then put in the fridge and left. Hello guest!

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I typically favor HP5 when I have a lot of contrast and less desirable light I think pushing Tri-X and using the Rodinal stand development creates