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If the case does get exposed to liquid, dry it as best you can, then turn it upside-down with the lid open and let it air-dry before putting the pods back in. The best way to clean your AirPods is

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Turn off any equalizer (EQ) settings. Most of the EQ settings tend to make audio played through the AirPods sound quieter, even the ones with 

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You can fix this inconsistency in two ways, though: 1) Turn off Dolby Atmos music completely. Head to Settings > Music, and scroll down to 'Dolby Atmos'. Change it from 'Automatic' to 'Off'. Now

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Wring the cloth out slightly and rub it on the cushions and headband gently for a minute each. Wipe the cushions and headband clean with a separate cloth that's slightly dampened with fresh water

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Mar 10,  · Do you AirPods Pro not sound as good as they should be? Here's the solution that fixed my sound issue!! My airpods now sounds great! Get the memory foam buds

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A buildup of gunk in your AirPods can make them sound muffled. To get them clean, wipe them down with a dry, lint-free cloth.

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In addition to the supplies above, you also need a wooden toothpick and toothbrush to clean your in-ear headphones. Now, let's see how to clean AirPods, earbuds, and other in-ear headphones. Step 1: Use a soft damp cloth to clean the outside part of the earphones and remove any wax, grime, or dust. Step 2: Use a wooden toothpick to remove any

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Mar 18,  · Fix low volume issues on your Apple AirPods/EarbudsSUBSCRIBE & Turn On Notification Bell: Putty: AirPod

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Clean the cushions and headband of your AirPods Max In a clean container, mix 1 tsp. (5 mL) of liquid laundry detergent into 1 cup (250 mL) of water. Remove the cushions from the ear cups. When you clean the headband, hold your AirPods Max upside down to prevent liquid from flowing into the headband attachment point.

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In summary. though, you’ll need some cotton swabs, rub alcohol, a clean toothbrush, and paper towels to clean your AirPods. Remember to be careful and methodical when cleaning, so you don’t miss anything or damage delicate components.

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How do you clean a muffled Airpod? To fix the AirPods sound muffled issue, you need a soft brush to rub out the dirt accumulated in the