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walker. Registered. Joined Oct 19, 2012. 13,260 Posts. #2 · Sep 29, 2021. From the dealer? front tow hook cover left Part Number: 57731AN21A. front tow hook cover right Part Number: 57731AN20A.

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Use some PB blaster on it, then go buy a good T55 and a sturdy ratchet. Then get home, PB blaster it some more, go up, grab a beer, then go down and make sure you're turning the right direction. The PB blaster should help and you should be able to turn them out. There is no nut that will spin.

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Buy Screw Driver - Scotch Tape - process you can take off Tesla Model 3 Tow Hook cover. Sometimes it's

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2 · May 31, , If you push them IN the edge will come up enough to slide your finger nail underneath and pull it out. There are little "tabs" connected to them that you will also have to bend if you want to remove the covers completely.

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Whats the trick to remove the front bumper tow hook cover? I just received my license plate kit and I dont want to break any tabs on the tow hook coverthanks! Actually you can just use your hands. Push in from the bottom towards the right, and the cover will come out. '20 Kyalami Green RS3 PAST

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You need to slide a very thin tool on the side to gently pry it out. I used a tool that is used remove the spring bars that hold a watch strap on to the lugs of a watch. It has a bit of a curve and is very thin. I am happy that I did not listen to Arathol as his advice is to simply try harder rather than try smarter. Attachments grill.JPG

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03/03/  · Replacement Tow Hook Cover Locking Piece. This design worked well at holding the cover in place. This left trying to come up with a well fitting cover as the last major hurdle. Mk7 GTI Tow Hook Cover Front Side Comparison. This proved to be more challenging to design than I was willing to spend time working on so I made a design that was

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22/05/  · Insert the tip of the screwdriver and push up - then rotate the cover forward and out. Careful not to push on the painted surfaces. It will release the bottom tab that holds the cover on. See close-up photo of the tow hook installed. The cover is hanging below the hook. In the photo, the top is to the left (two tabs).

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Yes. They just bolt to the frame. The rear hook bolts to thevframe with three bolts. The front are just a little bit of a pain in the A66 they are mounted to the frame horn behind the Bumper it has to come off 8 bolts it took me an Hour the first time but it has to be done to get hooks off of my .now I Can do it in about 20-30 min.

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30/07/  · 150 Posts. #4 · Jul 30, . Took me a while to figure out too. You press one edge quite hard with your finger and the opposite edge pops open. Don't try and prise it with a