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Circular non-return valves. Diameter, mm. Code. Weight, kg 358501630. 3,61. ORDER EXAMPLE: circular non-return valve RSK-100.

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HP300 NON-RETURN VALVE HNH3EMHA31 | powerscreen screens. Johnson Evinrude CDI Power Pack V8 HP 300 250 ショッピング 1993. Parker non-return valves with nominal pressure ratings up to PN 420 bar offer a wide range of types, making them very flexible. 1338 Parts Viewing 10 of 1338 Show More . Close.

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HP300 NON-RETURN VALVE HNH3EMHA31. Pressure Relief Valves, E1500 - Pipe Fittings. Pressure Relief Valves E1500 is designed to open and relieve the excess build-up pressure in systems containing water, oil, or air. The E1500 pre-calibrated adjustment allows the valve to set the required relief pressure. These valves are suitable for static

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HP300 NON-RETURN VALVE HNH3EMHA31 SG5065 KEYCONCSEGM4THTIER MANGANESE 5065 cone crusher UPR CONCAVE C M1 S3800 screen parts CME™ Crusher Parts We hold an extensive inventory of crusher parts to suit all major brands and extension options, for both STD and SH arrangements, to suit cone

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This check valve is designed for installation on horizontal pumps, boosters and filtration systems, preventing return flow and providing for quiet closure and 

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HP300 NON-RETURN VALVE HNH3EMHA31 Non-return valves and quick exhaust valves Port M5, G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2 · Flow rate 130 1600 l/min · Shut-off valve. Pneumatic piloted non-return valve. Non Return Valve, Type : Horizontal Type / Vertical Type

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HP300 NON-RETURN VALVE HNH3EMHA31. The Audi 1.4l TFSI Engine. The non-return valves control recirculation of the cleaned blow-by gases based on the pressure conditions in the air intake system. If there is negative pressure in the intake manifold at idling or higher engine speeds, the vacuum effect opens the valve in the intake manifold module

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This valve allows the transit of the air only in one way, the valve stops it in the opposite way. They are available with male or thread, in.