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Internal Spiral Retaining Rings are made from coiled flat wire and are installed internally into a machined groove in a shaft. They do not require special 

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Shop a large range of spiral retaining ring at MSC Industrial Supply. 1/2" Bore Diam, Stainless Steel Internal Spiral Retaining Ring. Your Price:.

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retaining rings, Smalley Spiral Rings are formed on edge using flat wire, providing a gapless and continuous ring surface having 360 degrees of retention. The process of circle-forming a uniform section retaining ring from pre-tempered wire is an economical and scrapless process, providing many advantages to users. The laminated configuration

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Description: Axially assembled internal retaining rings are made from zinc plated spring steel that install with needle-nose pliers into a housing or bore. They have a tapered design that allows the ring to maintain constant pressure against axles, gears, and bearings inside machinery . Coating or Plating: Yes; Design Units: Inch, Metric; Housing Diameter: 0.2500 to 10 inch

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Spiral retaining rings can either be single or multi-turn, depending on the application requirements. Multi-turn, spiral-wound retaining rings consist of two or more turns of in-house rolled flat wire material with rounded edges. The material is coiled on edge to provide a gapless ring with 360º of retention. Spiral rings offer space savings

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Borrelly 360 Retaining Rings. Borrelly 360 multi-turn internal and external spiral retaining rings are made by coiling the ring from laminated flat wire with round edges. Borrelly Spring Washers makes retaining rings from 5 mm to 1000 mm diameter; 1 turn to 7 turns; Austenitic (AISI 301 - AISI 302 - AISI 316), Semi-austenitic (17-7 PH), Inconel

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Spiral internal retaining rings are axially installed into housings, making 360° contact with the groove. Spiral snap rings have no ears or lugs to interfere with the assembly. Shop light duty

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Spiral Internal Retaining Rings. Slide these rings into place by hand with a single twist for applications with high thrust loads. Ring OD is measured with the ring uninstalled. 1060-1090

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Internal Spiral Retaining Ring - Inch Retaining rings are precision-engineered components; which when applied in bores provides a shoulder that accurately positions, locates or retains other parts of an assembly. They can be used to replace pins and washers, threaded sections, collars, machine shoulders and other costly or time consuming methods.

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