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The ledger board itself is 0.40 treated lumber and is chosen for straightness. The rim joist running along the side of the deck laps over the end of the ledger board and is nailed in place with three 16d nails. Although not essential, it's good insurance to reinforce the corner connection with a 90° reinforcing angle as shown.

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06/04 · Hello! Hope all is well. I recently had a front porch built onto the front of my house. It is attached to the house with a series of 2" x 10" ledger boards. The ledger boards are attached to the house with large carriage bolts that are nutted off in


The span of the floor joists determines how much load is being transferred to the ledger and thus to the lag bolts. DECK LEDGER TO HOUSE ATTACHMENT – LAG BOLT 

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Deck ledger connections are based on connections to wood rim joists. 2. Deck ledger shall be preservative treated unless close grain redwood is used.

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i wasn't thinking that I need drop the ledger 2 or 3 inches so that there would be space for deck board and 1 inch step up to the door.


pattern and spaced as follows: The LedgerLOK Ledger Board Fastener has been designed specifically patterns from Figure 1 and Table 1.

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ever, deck ledgers rely on bolts or screws when attaching the deck ledger to the house framing other 11 inches over, and the pattern re-.

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Position the ledger against the wall and mark the anchor positions through the hole onto the wall. Drill through the brick veneer with a ½ inch masonry bit in a hammer drill, until you reach the wood frame behind. Do not drill into the wood. Reposition the ledger board and fit a ½" lag bolt, 10" long into each hole and drive them in

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Components & cladding not shown for clarity. Floor Framing. Sheathing. Rim Board. WS-EXT or. WSWH-EXT. Screws. Deck. Ledger. Tip of screw head.