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Mohs Hardness of Common Minerals ; Serpentine, 3 to 5 ; Siderite, 3.5 to 4.5 ; Sillimanite, 6.5 to 7.5 ; Silver, 2.5 to 3 ; Sodalite, 5.5 to 6.

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7/1 · The counter material (wear ball) used in this study was a silicon nitride spherical indenter of 6.35 mm in diameter. It was gathered in literature that one of the common mined rocks, granite, has

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9/29 · Rock Hardness & Drilling. A survey of the technical literature concerned with oil well drilling methods and particularly with rate of penetration by various cutting media on different types of rock provides a mass of conflicting data. This is especially true with respect to, (1) the relative efficiency of diamond, rotary and percussion drilling

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The Mohs Hardness Scale is used as a convenient way to help identify minerals. A mineral's hardness is a measure of its relative resistance 

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Hardness is how hard the rock is and on being scratched how much of a mark it will leave. There is a scale to messure the hardness of any rock or mineral of 10 being the hardest and 1 being the softest like in the picture to the left. The hardest on this scale is

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Talc – Gypsum – Calcite – Fluorite – Apatite – Feldspar – Quartz – Topaz – Corundum – Diamond - “Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness ” should be 

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Mineral. Hardness. Talc. 1. Gypsum (Selenite). 2. Calcite. 3. Fluorite been the traditional sentence used with this list since its inception by Moh in 

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Due to different indenters, loads, and load durations, there are a variety of indentation hardness, mainly Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, and micro-hardness. ③ Rebound hardness Mainly used for metal materials.

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Mineral Hardness Diamond 10 Zaire 1 cm. 14 carats Corundum 9 variety ruby, India 6 cm. Topaz 8 Mursinsk, Russia, 5cm across Seaman Museum specimen Quartz 7 variety amethyst, Guerro, Mexico 16 cm.

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Definition ; 7. Quartz ; 7.5. Garnet ; 8. Topaz ; 8.5. Chrysoberyl.

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Soapstone 1 · Slate 2.5-4 · Marble 3-4 · Limestone 3-4 · Travertine 4-5 · Sandstone 6-7 · Granite 6-7 · Natural Quartz 7.