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MISUMI Circular Tooth Profile Pulleys with little backlash, suitable for positioning. Specification updated recently Available in METRIC Rapid Design CAD Available in 2D and 3D Configure Now Ships as soon as 5 Days L Timing Belt Pulley - Metric or Inch Bore MISUMI New! METRIC/ INCH Bores Available! Volume Discount is available Shorter lead time

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For Long Timing Belts, see W P.1507. For Keyless Timing Pulleys, see W P.1461, 1462. For Idlers with Teeth, see P.1481. (Counterbored Holes on the Hub Side) H Round Hole F Stepped Hole e

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Timing Pulleys - L eFor e-Catalog non-standard products, see DP.131. Type Belt WidthMMaterial*1 SSurface TreatmentaAccessory* 1 Set Screws 12.7mm (1/2inch) 19.1mm (3/4inch) 25.4mm (1inch) 38.1mm (1.5inch) Pulley Flange*3 L050 L075 L100 L150 ATPAI I I I Extra Super Duralumin Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Clear Anodize SUS304

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Timing belts \u0026 pulleys – Bearings timing belt pulley catalogue Custom Timing Belt Pulleys timing belt pulley catalogue HTD Pulleys PDF Catalogue 

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1) Machine Type (2) Power Transmission (3) Load Variances (4) Operation Duration per Day (5) Small Pulley Rotational Speed (6) Rotation Ratio (Lg. Pulley # of Teeth / Small Pulley # of

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EFor e-Catalog non-standard products, see D P.131. For Long Timing Belts, see WP.1507. For Keyless Timing Pulleys, see WP.1463, 1464.

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Timing Pulley and Belt Guide iFeatures of Non-backlash Pulleys (P.1965) Misumi timing pulley is shaft hole machined and surface-treated. MISUMI Catalogue Assembly Automation

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E For A-Shape pulley, the screw holes are set at around 120° to keep away from peaks. COld JIS Keywayed Bore + Tap NNew JIS Keywayed Bore + Tap E For Keyway Dimension Details, see P.1413. Specify NK10 when selecting "New JIS Keywayed Bore" + "Shaft Bore Dia. 10" + "Keyway Width 4.0mm (Height 1.8mm)". VStepped Hole E No tapped holes or set screws.

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MISUMIï½?Industrial Components. pulley timing english metric. http://us.misumi-ec.com/vona2/result/?Keyword=pulley%20timing 

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Keyless Timing Pulleys−L Type (Mechanical Lock Standard Type incorporated)−. −H Type−. −H Type (Mechanical Lock Standard Type incorporated)−.