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Ruger Review: The .44 Special GP100; Smith & Wesson Model 640 Pro Series: Part I; Missing Link: The Smith & Wesson Model 68; Author: Justin. Justin Carroll is a former MARSOC Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving service after eight years in the U.S. Marines, Justin continues his involvement with a variety of government

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The Gun. The Super GP100 is a .357 Magnum revolver 1 built with competition in mind. Though it bears the GP100 name, it is in fact a hybrid design. Its frame is Redhawk-size (that is, large enough for an 8-round cylinder), but its dual-spring lockwork comes from the GP100. The cylinder locks in three places for maximum durability, and is cut

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The Ruger GP100 is a short-barrel, double action revolver which is quite well constructed, with a intended design. It was designed with a well balanced features that makes this revolver very reliable. The Ruger GP-100 revolver is equipped with a Hogue textured rubber monogrip with rosewood inserts. The Ruger GP100 44 Special is available in

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357 Magnum GP-100 revolver. The only thing I can think of is longevity since the stock steel sight is built like a tank, just like the rest of the gun itself.

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The new Super GP100 chambered in 9 mm is a soft-shooting steel-plate ringer that has to be fired to be fully appreciated. It's a real pleasure to work with for a double-action revolver fan like me.

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The GP100 was designed to be easy to take down. It breaks down to its sub-assemblies in seconds, and Ruger fully intended for Super GP100 Competition shooters to experiment with the gun's springs. And that's really all you probably need to do because all the internal parts have been polished and optimized for a smooth trigger pull.

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Clears leather quickly ⋅ Reliable and powerful handgun ⋅ Excellent quality ⋅ View full list

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15/10/  · Review: Ruger Super GP-100. Eight-shot double-action revolvers chambered in .38 Special have become the dominant wheelgun in many action-shooting competitions. In USPSA, 8-shot Minor has displaced 6-shot Major revolvers because A Zone hits count the same for both, and C Zone hits don’t hurt too badly in Minor if you make them fast enough.

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Easy on the hand and budget, all GP100 revolvers boast solid steel sidewalls (no side-plates), and frame widths that are increased with extra steel in critical 

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A RUGER GP100 pistol is currently worth an average price of $779.69 new and $712.00 used . The 12 month average price is $776.19 new and $736.56 used.

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The muzzle, frame and cylinder of the GP100 have been smoothed to remove sharp edges. The the most obvious change is the bevel towards the front of the cylinder. This helps free it up faster from a holster. Although intended more as a field or truck gun than a CCW piece, the 3-inch barrel allows the GP100 to fill both roles.