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Rodinal is an amazing developer. As Don Cardwell so tellingly puts it, rodinal and this method give both hard and soft tones at the same time! I'm thus going to develop my rolls of XP2 in rodinal using this semi-stand or minimal agitation technique. I hope it will complement your full-stand method, and I'll let you know the results.

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Rodinal stand development. To see some more photos, that were public once, click here and then come back to this set and reload.

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Stand development in Rodinal brought me to a state of bliss, shooting in near-darkness, but a more "normal" processing recipe with Rodinal may have just knocked Diafine off its perch as my go-to goop for pushing Tri-X. For context, I shoot Tri-X at 1000/1250 for Diafine. I do not like the results I get pushing Tri-X to 1600 with Diafine.

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Rodinal 1+100 stand 1 hour; ID11 stock solution 14 minutes. -and an interesting version of two bath processing -see below. And the winner is..

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I wanted to try stand or semi-stand development for its promise of handling a wide range of ISO ratings on the same roll.

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Stand development is a technique in which you literally let the film "stand" in diluted developer for a long period of time with minimal agitation. In my case, I diluted Rodinal 1:70, poured it into the tank, and let it sit for 2 hours. Every half hour I inverted the tank (the minimal agitation). So the tank spent half the time upright, and

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Also, if you develop anything in Rodinal, even at 1+100, for two hours with standard agitations, everything will almost certainly be massively overdeveloped. It's called "stand development" because you just let it stand there without agitating.

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Rodinal stand development problem. May 16, 2021. FIlm: HP5+. ISO: 1600. Developer : Rodinal 1+100. Time: 120 minutes. Agitation:Only first minute.

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Jan 22,  · Rodinal was the first product produced by Agfa and the oldest continuously-produced developer formula in the world. Formally manufactured by Agfa, it was sold to Connect Chemicals (Ratingen, Germany.) in 2008. It’s a one shot liquid developer usually used in high dilutions of 1+25, 1+50, 1+100, 1+200.

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There are basically two techniques. Stand development where usually there is agitation for the first 30 seconds and the film is left in the tank 

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Stand development MEANS you let it stand after initial inversions, you don't "agitate" every minute as somebody suggested above. If you have the