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Mercedes Benz Diesel engines for sale. The OM617 engine family was a straight-5 Diesel automobile engine from Mercedes-Benz used in the 1970s and 1980s.With some Mercedes-Benz 300D/300SD diesel engines already exceeding 500,000 miles, it's considered to be one of the most reliable engines ever produced. The OM617.912 was a 3.0 L (3005 cc. OM617.912 was a 3.

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India Exclusive: Quick Drive of the K S Motorsports built Mercedes Benz W124 E220 powered by Toyota Supra 2JZ GTE engine. And everything about that engine th

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S-Class (W126) - w126 swap for C36 amg engine - Hello all, Need a little guidance on my project I have a 1989 300se and the motor is junk!

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Diesel Engine Swap Series: Mercedes W126 300SD into a W123 300D Turbo 81,845 views Jun 2, 463 Dislike Share Save Mercedessource 281K subscribers Kent goes over some of the things you will have

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Also in the pic on a side note. There is a dial there that can be turned. I am assuming this is for altitude. The numbers are 0, 4000, 8000, and. Replace the oil filter lid with a new gasket that follows the new filter, put a thin film of the engine oil on the rubber gasket. Tighten the the filter lid.

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I bought this old W126 fairly cheap (by standards here in Thailand) with the most horrible engine imaginable, a diesel Nissan RD28. It felt like it was producing around 10 horsepower and sounded like a fishing boat. There is a certain element of "sacrilege" when talking about swapping non MB engines into MB body, which I understand to some extent.

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Mercedes Benz 500 SEC Coupe With M104 Engine For Sale W126 - Autos - Nairaland AC Hoses not yet installed after engine swap.

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Oddly LS's don't swap into w126's as easy as you'd think. Also, I am a complete diesel noob, and engine swap noob. Travis_K UberDork

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5/22 · I have a 1990 W126 420SEL with a fairly tired M116 V8 in it. It needs valve stem seals, timing chain and a few other bits and bobs doing to it. I also have a much lower mileage, good condition 1990 M117 500SE V8 engine sat in my garage. I know that physically it is a straight swap, but in

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W126 engine swap question Your Mercedes: W126 Benz SE380 and wanted to make a engine swap for it from 3.8 V8 to 5.0 V8 (m117), 

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A local mate of mine is heavily into his engine/trans swap from an AMG custom bolt-on coilover kits for the W126) mercedes-benz w126*