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1. Introduction1.1. Literature survey. MC type carbides of transition metals with NaCl crystal structure (cF8, face centred cubic) are very hard compounds with moderate costs , which can potentially be introduced to the microstructure of white cast irons (WCIs) to enhance their abrasion resistance.These include Ti, V, W, Zr, and Nb carbides.

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Their microstructure is characterized by the presence of Cr-rich M 7 C 3 type carbides and a modifiable (ferrite, austenite, martensite) matrix.

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Hypoeutectic White Iron with 25%Cr after Heat Treatments It was found that both a refined microstructure and less interconnected 

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White cast iron has a Vickers hardness of 500-600 10), and so the hardness values are somewhat high, which is due to precipitation hardening by Cu in α-Fe. The hardness of annealed Cu-10 mass% Sn alloys is approximately 110 11) , in agreement with the hardness value obtained for Cu alloy areas.

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Cementite is hard and brittle and dominates the microstructure of white cast iron. Thus, white cast iron is hard and brittle and has a white 

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2018. 3. 21. · White iron does not have the easy castability of other irons because its solidification temperature is generally higher, and it solidifies with C in its combined form as iron carbide. If you would more information about Atlas Foundry Company and the Gray Iron Castings and other services we provide, please call us at (765) 662-2525, fill out our

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White Iron is unalloyed cast iron with low carbon and silicon content such that the structure is hard brittle iron carbide with no free graphite. These irons are limited in application because of the lack of impact resistance and the difficulty in maintaining the structure in thicker sections.

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high chromium white cast iron alloys, including their classifications, According to the microstructure, cast irons are classified as white, gray, 

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The results indicate that the microstructure of high boron white cast iron with different chromium content comprises a dendritic matrix and 

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The M7C3 carbides in high Cr white iron are the primary phases of hexagonal shape and can work as the "stoppers" to decrease the wear rate during the wear application [6]. Jingjing Qing, Mingzhi Xu. 2019. "Designing a Graphitic White Iron: Microstructures and Properties." AISTech Conference Proceedings Cleveland, PA. doi: 10.33313

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From the present study, niobium additions of 1.79% and 3.98% were added to a 15% Cr-3% C white iron, and their effects on the microstructure, hardness and abrasive wear were analyzed.